Biden's Rush to Take Executive Action Within 72 Hours of Inauguration

By: Noah Weinberg

Date: 2/16/21

In his first 3 days, President Joe Biden signed thirty executive orders, a number significantly higher than his predecessors' first 100 days in office.

100 Days

3 Days

As seen in the visual above, President Clinton only signed 13 executive orders in his first 100 days, George W. Bush signed 11, Barack Obama 19 orders, and President Trump signed 24.

Many of these orders are reversals on the actions from the Trump Administration, including halting the funding for the Mexican border wall, ending the "Muslim Travel Ban", and stopping the nation’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization.

14 of these executive orders are COVID-19 related to help tackle the deadly pandemic in the United States. One of these orders, signed on January 21st, helped to accelerate manufacturing and delivery of supplies for vaccination.

Although some may argue that these acts are beneficial to the country, the question of whether or not the executive branch has become too powerful has arisen. With few governmental checks on executive orders, many believe that the position of president has become too powerful.

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