The founding contributors at Vistory seek to combine data science and journalism in pursuit of creating meaningful stories about our world. Every story attempts to utilize powerful datasets and insightful narrative to convey issues that matter. We offer a platform for data scientists to communicate their findings and reach a wider audience of passionate readers.

Our Team

Our team consists of students passionate in both journalism and data science.

Noah Weinberg
Noah Weinberg | Founder

Noah is a senior in high school from Connecticut. He enjoys programming, algorithmic and options trading, and lifting. Last summer, he interned as a software development engineer at a Social-Commerce startup, ReplikaSoftware.

Sean Kook
ChanWoo "Sean" Kook | Founding Contributor & Editor

Sean is a senior in high school from New York. He enjoys working on his novella and contributing to his school newspaper. Last summer, he interned at a market intelligence company, Tridge, where he assisted in drafting and revising legal contracts.

Mark Vollmer
Mark Vollmer | Contributor

Mark is a senior in high school from New York. He enjoys playing soccer for New York Soccer Club, writing for his school newspaper, and paying close attention to US politics. Mark participated in a NY Times program about the 2020 election over the summer and has gone to IMG Academy to play soccer.

Ellie Stevens
Ellie Stevens | Contributor

Ellie is a senior in high school from New York. She enjoys playing soccer, ice hockey, and track for her school teams. Ellie loves reading and writing, as well as working as an EMT.

Alex Hanna
Alex Hanna | Web Developer

Alex Hanna is a sophomore at the Purdue University College of Engineering. He is also an Eagle Scout with eagle palms. In his free time, he enjoys filmmaking, competing in triathlons, hiking, and golfing.

Sean Mirza
Sean Mirza | Contributor & Social Media

Sean is a senior in high school from Connecticut.  He enjoys playing squash, music and following the NBA.  This year, he has worked with other students to change school policies.